Welcome to my life! I have an immense love for coffee and food, my village of family and friends as well as adventures both big and small (the order of all of the above varies as needed). I openly admit to an odd obsession with lipstick colors, watches, and fashion. I am a reluctant blogger who started as a Digital Strategy Director but found I really loved the social side of strategy versus the isolation of being mostly digital.

I believe in a fluid balance of therapy/prayer/support, which accounts for all of the Love Yourself vibe that you’ll find here. I am fortunate to have spent 13 years working in Weight Loss after losing 70 (yes, 70) pounds! I can’t wait to share all the healthy yet flavorful recipes I’ve collected along the way. But, more importantly, I am excited to help you discover the mindset of making those small but smart choices that make life feel free instead of mundane. I am my husband’s biggest fan, child’s loudest cheerleader, and friends’ fiercest companion. And, on occasion, a collector of stray animals and an unwilling participant in random injuries. All these things make up a life that is full of adventure and I look forward to sharing it with you!