9 Brain Boosting Foods To Improve Memory and Productivity

What you eat impacts mental sharpness, focus, vitality, even your mood. Discover 9 brain boosting foods that help you perform your best, optimize life, and help prevent mental disease and decline.

9 Brain Boosting Foods


Feed your brain, boost your performance.

I spent 13 years coaching myself and others to use the power of healthy foods to shed unwanted pounds, reverse illness and improve wellness. After developing an intestinal disease and struggling with brain fog, anxiety and a loss of vitality, I decided it was high time I rekindled my obsession with the healing properties of food. I dug into the science, looked at the latest research, and used my own coaching experiences to compile this list of hero foods that can help you optimize your mental stamina, boost memory, and lift mood. Continue reading

Fall Wreath Ideas For Non-Crafty Folks

This is the anti-DIY wreath blog. I appreciate (ok, envy) those of you that can whip up a beautiful wreath with some toothpicks and thread from the bottom of your purse, but that’s not me. While I lack the crafty gene, I LOVE a front door that pops. Adding a fall wreath is a quick and easy way to sass up your home’s entrance.

Appalachia Berry Silk Fall Door Wreath 22 inch

A front door wreath adds curb appeal, pizzazz, and screams WELCOME TO OUR HOME. Door art sets the tone and provides your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come. Choose simple, sophisticated, monogrammed, or an artsy fall wreath. Give your front door the style it deserves. Continue reading

Low FODMAP Snacks and Kitchen Staples

Finding low FODMAP snacks and pantry items can be maddening! Most pre-made items include garlic, onion, honey, fructose, or other hidden FODMAPS. I’m here to connect you to those hard-to-find Low FODMAP snacks and staples!

Discover Low FODMAP Snacks and Staples

What are FODMAPS?

FODMAP stands for “fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols.” FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates that are often poorly digested in the intestine and when fermented by bacteria that live in the gut, can cause a host of digestive issues. Continue reading

SIBO SOS Summit Takeaways

I’ve suffered from Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) for 10 years; I talk about it here. For 9 of those 10 years, I had no diagnosis and no healing plan. I tried more ill-informed treatments that you can shake a stick at, many of them making my condition worse. Basically, I spiraled the drain for 9 years. I lost hope.

My SIBO SOS Experience

My bloating was blamed on everything from uterine fibroids to dead nerve endings in my colon. I became so frustrated that I’d go for YEARS without even trying to treat my unnamed illness. I’d turned over every stone, or so I believed. For the love, I can’t live off of chicken for the rest of my life. Continue reading

SIBO Resources and Links {IBS, Diets, Research, Treatment Options}

Help, I feel lost! I have SIBO and I don’t know where to turn?!? I get it! I’ve been living with SIBO since 2007, I’m quite ready for these squatters to move out. My adventure started well before the notion of SIBO was mainstream (let’s be honest, it’s still not!). I learned to become my own Health Detective and you can too. I’ll share my SIBO resources and links with you! You can watch my story here.

SIBO Resources

SIBOSmall Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. 

Continue reading