Fall Wreath Ideas For Non-Crafty Folks

This is the anti-DIY wreath blog. I appreciate (ok, envy) those of you that can whip up a beautiful wreath with some toothpicks and thread from the bottom of your purse, but that’s not me. While I lack the crafty gene, I LOVE a front door that pops. Adding a fall wreath is a quick and easy way to sass up your home’s entrance.

Appalachia Berry Silk Fall Door Wreath 22 inch

A front door wreath adds curb appeal, pizzazz, and screams WELCOME TO OUR HOME. Door art sets the tone and provides your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come. Choose simple, sophisticated, monogrammed, or an artsy fall wreath. Give your front door the style it deserves.

I’m getting ready to decorate my front porch for fall (YAY!). This is my favorite time of year, I love the colors, the weather, and the decor. I’ve collected my the tips and tricks below to help you select a wreath you’ll love for many years to come.

Tips For Selecting A Front Door Fall Wreath

Appalachia Berry Silk Fall Door Wreath 22 inch

Measure Your Front Door First

Yup, I put this first because I made this mistake, twice. Once I purchased a wreath that was so big I couldn’t close the front door. I also purchased what I call the Little Edith wreath, it was a wee speck of a wreath and made a whisper, not a roar.  Measure your front door BEFORE purchasing your wreath, trust me on this one!

Diameter: Measure your front door from right to left. If the width of your door is 36 inches (most are), you’ll find a 22-26 inch wreath works perfectly. Leave a little room on each side for branches or whispy elements to move freely.

Depth: If you have a screen or storm door, you’ll need to be sure that the depth of the wreath you order is not thicker than the allowed space. A wreath that is too deep will prevent your outer door from closing. Measure the depth between your front door and the outer door, then select a wreath that is slightly thinner to ensure the outer door will close.

Flora Decor Fall Mix Bittersweet Wreath - 24"


How-To Choose The Material For An Outdoor Fall Wreath

Not all wreaths are made to weather the elements. For a front door choose a wreath that is durable and can withstand wind, rain, and sun. Generally, wreaths made from artificial or silk materials are best for an outdoor environment.  Look for wreaths that are weather resistant and have a sturdy base.

A door in a sheltered location such as a porch roof offers more options and most wreath materials and types will work.

If you live in a high humidity area the lifespan of a fresh wreath will be shorter.  I live in a sauna of 100% humidity, for me, an artificial wreath is the only smart option.

Front Door Fall Wreath Favorites

These three options are 22-24 inches, weather resistant, and have 5-star ratings on Amazon. All three are on sale as of posting this blog. Grab your fall wreath now, in my humble opinion September 1st equals fall decorating.

Montgomery Hollow Silk Fall Wreath 24 inch

Price: $92.49 / Sale: $49.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
You Save: $42.50 (46%)

I’m a sucker for pumpkins. The fall leaves and perfectly positioned pumpkins make this wreath front door superstar. At 46% off, this one is a sensational steal.

Montgomery Hollow Silk Fall Door Wreath 24 inch


Appalachia Berry Silk Fall Door Wreath 22 inch

Price: $92.49 / Sale: $59.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
You Save: $32.50 (35%)

Fall berries, wispy vines, and vibrant colors create a subtle yet elegant wreath. Perfect for those that love fall style with a bit less fuss.

Appalachia Berry Silk Fall Door Wreath 22 inch. Fall wreath ideas



Arbor Artificial Boxwood Wreath 22 Inches

Price: $79.49 / Sale: $59.99. Free Shipping for Prime Members
You Save: $19.50 (25%)

Simple, natural, and sophisticated. This boxwood can be used throughout the year. You could add a burlap bow, or a few pumpkin ornaments to give it a fall vibe.

Arbor Artificial Boxwood Wreath 22 Inches


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