Low FODMAP Snacks and Kitchen Staples

Finding low FODMAP snacks and pantry items can be maddening! Most pre-made items include garlic, onion, honey, fructose, or other hidden FODMAPS. I’m here to connect you to those hard-to-find Low FODMAP snacks and staples!

Discover Low FODMAP Snacks and Staples

What are FODMAPS?

FODMAP stands for “fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols.” FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates that are often poorly digested in the intestine and when fermented by bacteria that live in the gut, can cause a host of digestive issues.

If you struggle with IBS, digestive distress, or battle SIBO, like I do, reducing your FODMAPS may be helpful. So what’s next? My guess is you were given a list of whole foods that you should and should not eat, and that’s the right place to start. But, what if you happen to have a day you can’t make everything from scratch (for many of us that’s most days). Are there pre-packaged foods that you can lean on when needed?  YES! Keep reading to discover my favorite Low FODMAP Snacks and Kitchen Staples.

Let’s Be Real: Whole foods, home-made recipes, and cooking at home are optimal. But, sometimes we need a backup plan. This page is devoted to hard to find low FODMAP snacks, sauces, condiments, and treats.

Most of the items on this page can be found on Amazon, just click the picture and you’ll be linked to the item. *I may get a small commission for some of the items on this page, which helps support blogging.

This page is not a Low FODMAP diet guide. These finds compliment or augment your chosen eating style. You can find specific information about diet options here.


Low FODMAP Sauces and Stews

FODY Ketchup – contains no garlic or onion. Here is the label:

I am a child of the 80’s, thus I love ketchup. Since my SIBO diagnosis, I haven’t touched my favorite dip, until FODY. I particularly find this useful for parents who are struggling to feed kiddos on a low FOD diet. This little condiment can turn your kiddos frown upside down!

Rao's Sensitive Formula Bottle


Rao’s Sensitive Formula Marinara – holy cow! Finding pre-made marinara without onions and garlic is like finding a unicorn. It’s my uneducated guess somebody and Rao’s has IBS, sorry for them but so happy for us! Perfect for baked chicken Parmesan, over a gluten-free pasta, or as a simple dipping sauce.


Pomi makes a simple sauce, the ONLY ingredient is tomatoes. Monash University gives fresh and canned tomatoes (without garlic or onion added) a green light rating. Add salt, basil, and oregano and you’ve got a simple, delicious Marinara Sauce.


Bragg’s Liquid Amino’s make an excellent replacement for tamari and soy sauce.

Ingredients: Red Raspberries, Pure Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin, Citric Acid.

Stonewall Kitchen Wild Maine Blueberry Jam


FODMAP tolerances vary from person to person

*We are all unique beings. What works for one person may not work for another. This page is a collection of Low FODMAP food options. There is no way, sadly, to say which foods will be easiest to digest for each person. Listen to your gut and let it lead the way.

**I am a SIBO patient. I am NO T a Doctor, Nurse, or Medical Professional. Please contact your healthcare provider for advice related to the management of your symptoms. Low FODMAP diets are not intended to be followed forever. Reducing FODMAPS is a strategy that may reduce symptoms while you work with your Doctor to resolve the root cause of your illness.

Low FODMAP Snacks- Premade

I can’t post this blog without saying this first – the most perfect, most portable snack on the planet is fruit. Low FODMAP fruits that are easy to carry include; bananas, grapes, and oranges. Now I feel better:) Let’s move on….

Bare Banana Chips are my FAVORITE low FODMAP snack on this list! Bare Banana Chips contain ONE ingredient: Bananas.


FODY Organic MockingbirdTrail Mix! Is there a perfect travel food? I say, no.


The folks at FODY offer a bundle on Amazon, which makes it easy to sample their low FODMAP snacks and condiments.


Justin’s makes a good peanut butter, which you can probably find at your local grocery. These travel packs are harder to find, but you can snag them here. Conventional wisdom says that almond butter is healthier, but almonds are high in FODMAPS and can cause digestive issues.

FODY Almond Coconut Snack Bars can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling. It’s not always possible to bring all your food, and when you’re in a pinch FODY bars can save the day! These bars are the real deal, in fact, they have a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, not an easy task for a food sensitive product.

Hail Mary’s melt-in-your-mouth bites are made with shredded coconut, virgin coconut oil and good fats from nuts. Hail Mary uses maple syrup to add sweetness, making this low FODMAP.

Low FODMAP Chips? YES! Here are two great options:

Garden of Eatin’ makes the best corn chips, IMO. I appreciate that this  Amazon option is single serve size bags of corn chips; keeps me from overeating and is easy for travel. You can find these low FOMAP snacks at your local grocery store in the full-size bag.

BBQ chips seem like a cruel dream to IBS sufferers, but FODY felt your pain and created these FODY Kettle Cooked BBQ chips that are free of garlic, onion, and any high FOD ingredients. I know, $5.99 for a bag of chips seems insane, but if you haven’t had a chip in years, an occasional $5.99 splurge is well worth it! Low FOD kids rejoice!


POP Chips Sea Salt flavor. 

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips – Lime


PB2 Peanut Butter Powder is perfect for smoothies! For some with IBS it is hard to digest fats. Mix PB2 with water and voila, you’ve got REAL peanut butter with less fat.

88 Acres Bar

88 Acres Chocolate and Sea Salt Bar. Unlike other healthy bars, these are sweetened with low FODMAP brown rice syrup.  These bars are hard to find locally, but you can buy them on the 88 Acre website here.


Let me start by saying this is not the healthiest drink on the planet. Some of the ingredients are not what most of us would consider “healthy”, I get it. I debated about whether including these was the right thing to do. Ultimately, I decided it was up to you. I’ve had times where, despite my best efforts, digesting food was hard, and sometimes a Low FOD drink was what I needed to maintain my calories.

From the ProNourish Website: If you have digestive sensitivities, ProNourish™ is a delicious new low FODMAP* nutritional drink with ingredients carefully selected just for you. FODMAPs are specific types of carbohydrates that can be difficult for some people to digest. Research shows that reducing FODMAPs in the diet may help reduce symptoms associated with digestive discomfort.

This drink was given a green light from Monash University.


Low FODMAP Kitchen Staples

Gluten Free Grains

I’m from the south and I love grits and polenta! According to Monash University, polenta is low in FODMAPS. Note: Cous Cous in NOT low FODMAP, making polenta a better digestive bet.


Many IBS folks say Basmati is the easiest rice to digest, I find that to be the case for me, too.

Word of caution: I only add rice to my diet when my IBS symptoms are low.  I keep my portion size low, under 1/2 cook cooked. This rice is certified organic and has no other ingredients.


Thai Kitchen Thin Rice Noodles. Pasta lovers rejoice! Vermicelli (thin rice noodles) is a highly satisfying option for my pasta craving.



I use Viva Coconut Oil to make Fat Bombs (Keto Bombs) and to cook with. Coconut oil is high in fat and contains no carbohydrates (thus it has no FODMAPS). Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides, which are easier to absorb than many other fats. I use it to make this and this.

Note: Fat affects gut motility, and when consumed in excess, can be an additional symptom trigger.


Low FODMAP Sweet Stuff

Viva Naturals Cacao Powder, in small doses, causes me no tummy upset (hallelujah!) It has a green light from Monash for up to 2 heaped teaspoons (I love the heaped part!). It’s great with these Keto Bombs. and in this Banana Ice Cream.


Honey and agave are high in fructose which often triggers symptoms in those with an intolerance to FODMAPS. Lucky for us the folks at Monash University found that maple syrup was LOW–yay!


PB2 Peanut Butter Powder is ground peanut powder, as a result, it has 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter. Add water and voila – you’ve got spreadable peanut butter without the fat. For some with SIBO and IBS fats can be hard to digest and further slow motility, making traditional PB hard to handle.

I like to add this to smoothies or use in Keto Bombs like this or this.

This page and all my research came into existence because I’ve suffered from SIBO for 10+ years. Find all my SIBO research here and read my latest post on SIBO here.

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