SIBO Resources and Links {IBS, Diets, Research, Treatment Options}

Help, I feel lost! I have SIBO and I don’t know where to turn?!? I get it! I’ve been living with SIBO since 2007, I’m quite ready for these squatters to move out. My adventure started well before the notion of SIBO was mainstream (let’s be honest, it’s still not!). I learned to become my own Health Detective and you can too. I’ll share my SIBO resources and links with you! You can watch my story here.

SIBO Resources

SIBOSmall Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. 

What is SIBO? Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth is a chronic bacterial infection of the small intestine.  The infection is of bacteria that normally live in the gastrointestinal tract but have abnormally overgrown in a location not meant for so many bacteria.  Source:


This page is a compilation of research related to the management and treatment of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. I spent countless hours (and still do) scouring the internet for information, watching lectures, attending summits, and listening to podcasts, all in a quest to find useful information that could help me heal my own SIBO. I decided it just made good sense to share my finding with others on the same journey.

**I am NOT A  DOCTOR or Medical Professional. The links below are simply resources, stepping stones, and shortcuts to the research I’ve found. We are all unique and what works for one person with SIBO may not work for another. All treatments and medical decisions should be made in conjunction with your healthcare provider. 



SIBO SOS  Summit

The SIBO SOS Summit changed my life, you can read about that here. The summit features 23+ experts in the field of SIBO. Everyone from doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, and real patients who beat SIBO, to the labs that test for SIBO. This is the most comprehensive collection of SIBO info I’ve seen anywhere. This is the best SIBO resource out there, in my humble opinion.

The summit is over, BUT you can watch the entire thing with an All Access Pass here.  Sneak peak:

SIBO Diet Options

You can find an overview of the SIBO diet approaches and links to each protocol on Dr. Siebecker’s website. Including; GAPS, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Low FODMAPS, SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet, and more.

Other resources:



All Things Dr. Siebecker (The SIBO Queen)

Learn from the BEST! The fastest way to get your hands on accurate, useful, actionable SIBO resources is to visit Dr. Siebecker’s website. You could spend hours on this site, and every minute you spend will get you closer to healing.


SIBO Recipes

The websites below offer recipes that are SIBO Friendly, or Low FODMAP, using whole foods. We all differ, what works for one won’t work for another. SIBO is not a one size fits all approach. There is no single recipe or diet that works for every person with SIBO. Some of these recipes may not be a fit for you, but they provide a framework.

These sites give me recipe inspiration, rekindle my love for food, and remind me that there is life beyond chicken. If you know of others who have SIBO friendly recipes please comment below and I will check them out to see if they are a good addition to the list.

Kate Scarlatta
The Healthy Gut (Rebecca Coomes)
Vital Food Therapeutics
A Little Bit Yummy

Rebecca Coomes of has a Youtube channel with lots of SIBO cooking segments here. Here’s one of my favorites, Sticky Ribs that are SIBO friendly!


SIBO Related Podcasts

  1. Rebecca Coomes is a true SIBO hero. Her honest, frank approach to her own SIBO is refreshing. From a patient’s view, Rebecca’s website is one of the most valuable I’ve found.
  2. Dr. Nirala Jacobi  –


Books & Studies Related To SIBO



Many with SIBO follow some version of a Low FODMAP diet (SCD, GAPS, etc). These cookbooks can help spark your imagination and rekindle your love for cooking. Note: they may not be a perfect match for your selected diet, but they will be close enough that you can make simple subs. I think of them as a collection of recipe ideas that I can modify as needed.



Monash App

Helps you select Low FODMAP foods. I find this very helpful at the grocery store.

Visit My Pinterest Page (with love, Heather)

Pinterest is an easy way to collect my research and SIBO resources. I’ve pinned most of the info from this site on my Pinterest Board here.

Sibo Warrior Pinterest Page



*These videos are super useful, but the content of the videos available at the SOS Sibo Summit is far more in-depth.





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