Stitch Fix April 2017

Stitch Fix Review April 2017

I love Stitch Fix! I’ve tried other clothing subscriptions in the past and for me, Stitch Fix gets my style the best. I’ve been using Stitch Fix for six months and each Fix is better than the last. Initially, I was a bit vague about what I needed and wanted which didn’t give my Stylist much feedback. After reading reviews online and talking with my friends who use Stitch Fix I realized I needed to communicate my needs in more detail, here’s what I did. Continue reading

Stitch Fix May 2017 Review

I live in a small town and I love fashion, now you see the problem! We have ONE, yup I said O-N-E, department store. I am not complaining because we also have the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches and I’ll take sugar white sands over another big box store every day of the week! To keep my duds up to date I’ve started using a subscription clothing service called Stitch Fix. My personal stylist sends me a sparkling, perfectly wrapped, box of goodness each month and I’m always waiting for that delivery like a six-year-old on Christmas morning! I keep what I love and I send back the rest (shipping is free!).

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